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The amazing struggles of big brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout leaping waterfalls at Dry Run Creek, a tributary of the North Fork and White River near Mountain Home, Arkansas.
Gene's Trout Fishing Resort, site sponsor, is one-half mile from where the 2Cooleys trout photos were taken.

Trophy Browns Making The Leap - Photos 7 -12

brown trout 7

brown trout 8

brown trout 9

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brown trout 10

brown trout 11

brown trout 12

The main reason for this annual trout run is not to spawn. It is more of a quest for oxygen. Each fall the oxygen levels in the North Fork and White River drops to a level that makes trout uncomfortable. While the low oxygen condition is temporary, it forces the trout into small creeks where water flowing over rocks and little falls contains more oxygen.

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