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Trout spin fishing report for the White River from Bull Shoals Dam downstream 25 miles

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Cranor's White River Spin Fishing Report
by Donald Cranor, Cranor's Guide Service

Donald Cranor

Donald Cranor contributes Pro trout fishing advise to several well-known fishing publications. That same advise and more is in this fishing report.

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About Donald Cranor

Current Report - May 19, 2014
Updated once a month unless fishing conditions change

Donald Cranor with 22 pound brown trout

Donald Cranor holding a 22lb. 2oz brown caught by Scott McGee (next to Donald). Donald taught Scott how to cast a spinning rod at 7:30am. Then, at 9:30am Scott showed Donald how to land a real trophy trout. Scott picked up on trophy fishing pretty quick!
(May 2013)

Hey Guys!

Well it's starting to heat up and the browns are feeding like crazy!
Sculpins have been the best bait in the last few weeks but I'm looking for
the crawdad fishing to set in at any time.
The sculpin fishing is as easy as it gets. I like to skin my sculpins simply because it turns them white and they really stick out on the dark bottom of the river. After you have him skinned slip a #6 Aberdeen hook through his lips and chunk him in. Most people will set back and let him soak until something eats him or they get bored and move on. I like to move mine around a bit. When you have em hooked in the lips you can dart and twitch em a little and get the fishes attention. This works really well if the water is really low and you can set up off to one side of your fish. Setting up to one side will allow you to watch the fish wile you fish for them.  After you have messed with em enough you will get to where you can tell if they will bite or not just by their reactions.if you twitch the bait and the fish rises up in the water column and he gets a look on his face like oh I just saw something. You better get ready. Some of them will come right to it and grab it like they haven't eaten in a week but don't be surprised If he swims right over the top of your bait and then circles down stream pay attention because he will be right back and this time he will scoop it up on the way by. Don't know why but some of em will do a drive by before picking it up. If you twitch it and they look like they just saw a ghost and run like the dickens you might as well move on and find another one. If they start avoiding your bait their not going to change their mind any time soon.
Now for the rainbow fishermen. You're in luck! The water has been a lot lower lately and the river is stacked full! They are hitting anything you want to use. Earlier this week I was using small pieces of cooked shrimp on a #6 eagle claw Aberdeen hook. They were taking it so fast that I had to hide behind a tree just to bait my hook. You can search far and wide but you won't find rainbow fishing any better than what we have here on these two rivers.

That's it for now!
Good luck!

Donald Cranor

Visit Donald Cranor's Web Site To Book A Fishing Trip

Donald Cranor About Donald Cranor
Donald's father, also a trout guide, introduced Donald to White River trout fishing at an early age. In addition to learning how to trout fish in any water condition, Donald also learned how to safely pilot a river boat in any water level. He conducted his first paid guided trout fishing trip in 1982 at age 15. Over the years he has guided for several area outfitters and resorts.

After 20 years of guiding for others, Donald decided it was time to start his own business. His guiding skills generated good word of mouth advertising for his new business. TV show producers and print media journalists approached Donald for White River guided trout fishing trips. Donald also received sponsorships from top brand name tackle manufacturers who want pros to use their gear.

Yet Donald's true passion remains conducting trout fishing trips with anglers who also have a passion for trout fishing. It is their positive word of mouth which has most helped Donald's good reputation as a top trout guide. They enjoy his fishing and safe boating skills as well as his level of all-around good service.

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